"I’m the most sensitive person on the planet like, I could watch the news and cry. And so you got this amazing actor on top of you, pounding on your chest hysterical, crying, he’s got tears dripping onto my face and it was too much. And then I’m like “Okay, this is acting. He’s just— don’t cry. Just hold it together." and then I started to think “Oh my god. If I were dead, someone would probably be like really upset, probably. This is what it would be like. This is weird." and not being able to get a full breathe of air I had a panic attack." - Krysten Ritter at Jane’s death scene and Aaron’s performance


Here’s Hyde to cleanse the negativity from your blog and dash.


girls don’t want boys, girls want season 3 of orange is the new black


"Mulan is my role model. Through her, I realized that you don’t need to be a man to be a hero. She made me realize that I am capable of doing anything I want, especially for the sake of my family. Not to mention, she saved China from the Huns!!"



people dont blog about the princess bride enough

she doesn’t even try to walk down she just dives head first onto a fucking hill buttercup what even god i love this movie

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